33lb Rainbow Trout, MUST SEE!

Posted by Jeff Warner on 8/27/2016 to Trout Fishing
33lb Rainbow Trout, MUST SEE!
Local fisherman catch trophy trout leaving visitors guessing what their secret is. After 10 hours without a bite the locals give Matt some XFactor Tackle single eggs...wait until you see what he catches.

These little baits are so simple and so unassuming you might walk by them in a tackle shop without even realizing what they are. This bait, the single egg, is just like the old 'jensen eggs' from years ago (Luhr Jensen discontinued them after they were bought out). They come with 100 8mm eggs (or 60 10mm) in a jar with anise oil...that's it. While I could go on and on to try and explain just how effective these little baits are, I think the video does a much better job at showing how this simple bait can be down right lethal.

The fishery in the video is in New Zealand and it's LOADED with trophy trout. What's unique about this place is that these trout are fat and happy, getting an abundant supply of food from a salmon farm. These "farm raised" Chinook salmon are sitting in floating pens, right in a cold water canal that leads to the ocean. Every time the salmon are fed, some of their food falls into the canal where these native trout happily gobble it up....and grow HUGE. Sounds good, right? Sure it is, but the problem is that these fish are not very aggressive, since they have all they need, making them very hard to catch. Anglers flock to this spot from all over trying to catch one of these trophy fish, most leave with no luck. In this video you'll see some locals that have discovered XFactor Tackle single eggs to be just the thing these fish will bite with regularity, while often not even looking at any other bait. Enjoy!

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