6" Finesse / Shakey Head / Wacky Rig Worms
6' Finesse / Shakey Head / Wacky Rig Worms

6" Finesse / Shakey Head / Wacky Rig Worms

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The 6" XFactor Tackle Bass Slayer worms are the hottest new Finesse / Shakey Head / Wacky Rig worms to hit the market. These straight tailed finesse worms feature a tapered design that makes them wiggle like no other. On the fall, they shimmy slowly back and forth, often enticing wary bass to bite before the bait hits bottom. As you slowly work the bait back to your boat the tail will be standing up and wiggling the whole time. On the drop shot rig you can be confident that this bait will be wiggling back and forth whether you shake the rod or not. Like to fish the Wacky Rig? Try these with a nail weight in the head of the bait and watch the Bass go nuts. Not only are these worms soft, they are also LOADED with scent. When bass bite, they don't let go. We've seen hooked fish come off the hook, turn and hit this bait again, now that's impressive.

NO SALT ADDED! This makes the Bass Slayers more buoyant which pays off in a big way when fishing with a shakey head, drop shot or even finesse fishing with some split shot. 

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