How to catch more Pink Salmon

Posted by Rick Denham on 9/24/2013 to How to articles

Catching Pink Salmon with XFactor Tackle

If you live in Washington State on an odd number year you will have the opportunity to experience something spectacular. In the fall millions of Pink salmon will be flooding into the local rivers. What better an opportunity to take the family out, introduce someone new to fishing and just catch a bunch of fish. Well I have good news to share; the rivers are loaded right now! Now is the peak time to catch these scrappy salmon. So before you get your gear together let me walk you through some great baits from XFactor Tackle that will help you put more fish on the bank.

Pink Salmon (or as many call them Humpies) absolutely love the color pink and Jeff at XFactor Tackle has you covered on all fronts with his pink colored baits. I am going to walk you through 3 of my top baits and how I like to fish them for pink salmon.

Let's first take a look at the Teaser Minnow

The Teaser Minnow is a fantastic bait for many different fish species. (Very effective for steelhead!) It's slender profile works great in clearer water conditions and balances well on a 1/16 oz jig. In the picture I have 3 colors: Hot Red, Hot Pink Pearl and Hot Pink. All 3 colors have been effective in my last few outings. Lately I have been fishing these suspended about 3ft below a float, but they are very effective on a cast and twitch retrieve as well. Find your moving fish and get ready to see your float disappear!

Miracle Worms

Worms are not just for trout and steelhead! Salmon love pink worms and humpies are no exception. These worms are dynamite on a 1/16 oz jig suspended under a float. The movement of the current makes these baits really come alive in the water. I have these rigged by pinching about a 1/2" and threading the worm on a small jig head. As many may know, pink salmon love pink colored baits, and I have a couple pink worms here. Hot Pink in the middle, and Hot Bubblegum on the bottom, but white has been my under the radar color. With so many people throwing pink, white can sometimes be the ticket. I have found lately that when the bite slows down on the pink color, switch over to white and watch the fish jump all over it.

Shrimp Tail Teaser

Last but surely not least is the awesome XFactor Tackle Shrimp Tail Teaser. This is such a versatile and effective bait. It can be fished on a 3/8 oz jig head and twitched, a 1/4 oz jig under a float for steelhead (or salmon), plunked or in my case of late on a 1/16 oz jig under a float for pinks. The baits are around 3" so in order to effectively fish them on such a small jig I pinch off the tail portion right below where the tail section starts. XFactor Tackle has some awesome colors in these baits like the top one which is a custom color to look like a sand shrimp.  The other two are different shades of pink (bubblegum and hot pink). Since shrimp are such a staple of a salmon / steelhead's diet, it's no surprise why these baits are so effective. Give these a try, you won't be sorry.

I have found these small presentations to be best suited with float fishing. I am running the 20g Cleardrift floats, a 3/8oz egg sinker, a bead to protect the knot, and a swivel where the leader with be connected to. About 3ft of 8lb fluorocarbon has been the money length with the bobber stop set directly above the float. One nice thing about pink salmon is they will show their presence. As a result you can cover water until you start seeing better concentrations of fish. I have been looking for soft current seams and trying to fish just on the edge of them. Be on the look out for light bites as you work the various drifts. Sometimes the float may barely move and this may be where the salmon has the jig in its mouth, and if ones reaction time is not fast enough the fish will spit the jig back out. You will find that the pink salmon are good biters and provide great sport on lighter gear. Not to mention they provide some practice to hone in ones skills for the later season fishing. There are so many reasons to love pink salmon season!

Thanks for reading! Now go out and get into some fish!

XFactor Pro Staff

Rick Denham



Erin Eriksen
Date: 11/12/2013
I have been using small beads and cheaters for years, but these eggs look great, I can't wait to use them on the local rivers here in Ferndale. I wish I had them for Kings, and silvers. Our runs of those are done. Looks like Chum and steel. Erin

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