Bobber Dogging / Float Drifting for Salmon and Steelhead

Posted by Rick Denham on 4/1/2014 to How to articles

Bobber Dogging with Rick Denham

Drift fishing has been an old time favorite for steelhead fisherman for many years. It is a simple yet effective technique, drawing the attention of many through the years. Float fishing has recently begun to expand in its popularity as well, with its easy to learn nature for beginners and experts alike. However, both of these techniques are best utilized under different situations and water conditions to maximize results. What if I told you there was a way to utilize the best of both worlds; to benefit from both technical aspects and catch more fish. It is not some new fad, gear buying, expensive technique. In fact you can use this technique with the steelhead gear you already own. I am talking about Bobber Dogging or Float drifting as some call it.

Float Fishing with XFactor Tackle Eggs

Posted by Rick Denham on 4/19/2013 to How to articles

Float Fishing with:

XFactor Tackle Single Eggs & Mini Egg Clusters

As many may know, fishing eggs for steelhead can be deadly. But good eggs can be hard to come by when they are not available. That is where the beauty of the Xfactor eggs comes into play. Not only do they come in any color you can think of and four different sizes, but they are also soft plastic baits that will survive a multitude of casts before needing to be changed. No re-baiting every other cast. This means

Artificial Salmon Eggs vs Natural Cured Roe

Posted by Jeff Warner on 10/9/2012 to Salmon Fishing
Artificial Salmon Eggs vs Natural Cured Roe

Artificial Salmon Eggs vs Natural Roe

Both artificial salmon eggs and natural cured roe catch plenty of fish, but what works better and why? That is a loaded question that would draw out plenty of opinions from anglers on both sides of the debate. The truth is, any bait you choose will have pro's and con's and every angler needs to carefully consider both. Let's take a look at both choices and see what they have to offer.
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