XFactor Tackle doing damage on
the Wallace River in Washington

XFactor Tackle Egg Clusters
Slaying Salmon in Washington

XFactor Tackle Egg Clusters
Tearing it up on the Kenai in Alaska!

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XFactor Tackle Miracle Worms

XFactor Tackle

Realistic Egg Clusters

by Bryanna Zimmerman

I'm generally not one to choose imitation bait over real bait but this was by far the best "fake" egg I have seen. Unlike most rubber eggs, they come in a pre-molded cluster in several different sizes.

When analyzing all the sizes and colors, my first thought was, "all of these are the most perfect cluster of steelhead bait I have ever seen."

I couldn't get my eggs to form a more perfect cluster on my hook let alone last longer than a couple drifts with our high winter water.
My first technique on any river, any species, is to simply do what I know works first. I tried a few different methods that morning and after hooking 2 nice winter runs the bite died and I decided it was time to put this imitation bait to the test. Can they turn the bite back on? The answer, absolutely! First pass through drifting the red, large size egg cluster and fish on! I knew that I liked the way they looked and how they floated ever so slightly, but I didn't expect anything first pass after over an hour of dead fishing.
I have experimented with a few different ways to use these eggs, and my favorite was definitely drifting them. While they look great under a float, they are the perfect size to drift. I tied a small peice of pink, scented yarn just above the hook and slipped the egg cluster ON my bait loop. These eggs are quite tough and solid so there is no need to slip the bait loop around the eggs; They hold on the hook shank the entire time. In fact, even after fighting the fish, the eggs were still resting perfectly, ready for round two, on the hook. Drifting these eggs are an amazing alternative to real eggs especially in fast, strong water where your real bait just won't hold up several drifts.

They are definitely a "do what works" method for me going forward!

Article Courtesy of Steelhead University

Here's what some other happy customers are saying about XFactor Tackle:

  • a few pics from yesterdays trip on the Nestucca, your egg clusters did the job. bobber dogging,  doug, bud, and i thank you,
    after fishing with real eggs i slipped it on there hooks while bait fishing with eggs  and they thought your eggs were real and just never milked out until they touched it about 3 fish later.    
    doug millerguideservice.com

  • These clusters have become one of my favorites for fall salmon, especially silvers. Last fall we had a big run of fish and I encountered a couple weeks of awesome egg fishing. But I was going through my eggs faster than I could restock them. Along came the Large cluster and I was one happy camper. (For size reference they are about the size of a nickel). I began fishing the clusters just like I was with my cured eggs and the fish were pouncing on them. I found out one day after I dropped a cluster in the left over egg juice that they will absorb some of the scent. Soon after I threw in multiple clusters and I basically was fishing with my cured eggs again but with the durability of these great baits. They work great drift fished as well as bobber dogging and again you can make cast after cast without re-baiting. It is so awesome to watch others burn through their eggs as you bait up as you can keep fishing the good water. Keep up the great work Jeff!!  
        Rick Denham - Edmonds, WA
  • Mini Eggs - they're awesome....trout/steelhead go crazy !!! - 
        Ricardo Pascual - Roseville, CA                                                                                                                                                 
  • Large Salmon Egg Cluster GUIDE PACK - I have used the X Factor eggs several times with as good a success as real roe. For back bouncing it would be great to have an even larger cluster.  
        Donald Brier - Huntington Beach, CA
  • Well I took them for a spin last week and I used the shrimp pink egg clusters. we hooked 3 summer steelies, my buddy got one on natural eggs and I hooked 2 on the egg clusters. they must work cuz I out fished him. I very impressed with the quality. cant wait to throw the slayer worms for winter run and the egg clusters should be killer to. hopefully this weekend ill be able to get back out and try them again. so far very happy with what I ordered, quality is top notch and they seem to catch fish pretty well. winter run season will be the real test but I have the utmost confidence in them. great work guys!  
        Jordan Ward - Washington
  • The single eggs that I ordered in the peach color are fantastic.   In the first weekend of steelhead season on the American River, I caught 23 steelhead.   The peach color single eggs imitate a salmon egg that has been soaking in the water almost perfectly.  They're just the right size and color.  They are quite durable as well.  I use on average only 2-3 eggs per trip.  They are soft enough though that the steelhead really hold on to them when they bite.  Many times they Will pull on it repeatedly just as if they were eating a real salmon egg verses if I were using beads they would spit it just as quick as they picked it up.  The realistic feel of the egg gives me much more time to react to a bite than if I were using beads. They also seem to absorb scent very well.   I purchased the unscented eggs and added salmon egg juice/ oil to them.  The realistic feel combined with they're ability to absorb whatever scent you want to add as well as the overall look and durability makes these baits unbeatable for steelhead.   They're the best artificial eggs I have ever used hands down!!!  I would recommend this bait to anyone that targets steelhead.  Also as a side note,  the section of the American River that I fish is heavily pressured by anglers and the fish see lots of baits and lures presented to them constantly,  some that are very similar; but the peach single eggs seem to fool them every time.  They catch fish for me when nobody else is catching because as far as I know, I was the only one using them. 
        Phong N. - Citrus Heights, CA
  • These mini salmon eggs have out fished real eggs in New York State streams! They are soft and the steelheads and browns grab them and won't let go. I will never be without them and look forward to more tight lines this fall. Keep up the good work at X Factor Tackle.  
        Walt Kingera, Johnstown, PA
  • Miracle Worms - These worms are really hard to beat in those extreme low water winter conditions we seem to get a few times each year. These worms, fished on a 1/16 or 1/8 ounce jig, will let you keep catching steelhead when other anglers are cursing low water and skittish steelhead. The advantage these worms have over a pinched-in-half larger worm is in their smaller diameter-they are a much better match to the smaller jig than a full-diameter worm is. 
        Chris Ellis - Glide, OR
  • after reading in sts about your shrimp tails on jigs i found one hanging in a tree lim on the river and said that is one of those shrimp tails,,  i was floating by the next day at the ready with my knife got it,,,, looked  good i have a rule in my boat if you find it fish it that day.      i hooked more fish on that pink shrimp  on a jig head that day then the boat normally hooks  in a week,    the last really big steelhead  took it from me. i wont ever forget it thank you and god bless you and the fantastic fish he made for us to fish for.  
        Doug Miller, MillerGuideService.com
  • Mini egg cluster guide pack - High Quality and extreamly effective fished these side by side with a friend fishing roe and we both had the same amount of hook-ups and they are very durable.  
Fort Bragg, CA
  • i was very happy with the product very realistic with great scent. I caught my first river steelhead with the hot red rigged just like they show. 
 Cadillac MI
  • I usually don't use artificial eggs but saw these on a post on Facebook and they looked better than my egg sack clusters.I checked out the web page and saw how they recommended rigging them, and thought I need to try these. I couldn't find them anywhere near my home in No. Ca., so when I went to Oregon for a few days I made a point of getting some. I tried them as soon as I could on the Sacramento River for salmon and they caught fish 1st time out for me and my fishing buddy. They're great !!!! I would recommend them to anybody fishing for trout, steelhead and salmon since they come in so many colors and sizes. Thanks guys for a product that is made right and works.   
        Larry - Magalia, CA
  • Hey guys, stumbled upon your site awhile back and took a chance on some salmon clusters..Its tough finding an artificial that actually works. Well let me tell you ..THEY work. Got tired of drifting sacs in chocolate milk waters of the Niagara river on saturday and figured no time like now to try them. I put on a large atomic yellow and let er go..boy does it glow. On our second pass through the same drift it was crushed by an 8.5lb spawned out brown. This made my day as catching was to say the least ,slim pickings. hers a pic hope it goes through..cheers! - 
        Thom G. - Niagra Falls, Ontario Canada
  • I absolutely love the Xfactor egg clusters, and last weekend was living proof of that. We were fishing a hole for a while and the bite died down completely. I was almost out of my eggs and thought what the heck, I threw in the last bag of large clusters I had in the left over egg juice. I let them sit for about a half hour and started to fish the hole again. Second cast through the drift bobber down! I gave a bait to my cousin to use and he proceeded to catch one on his 3rd cast. We caught 6 fish in a span of 30 mins float fishing the large clusters under a float. No one else touched a fish in that time. It was an epic day we ended up with limits for the both of us, fresh and chrome. All thanks to these great baits. The silvers up here in Washington are loving them! I can't wait to buy some more! Thanks for such a great product.
        Rick - WA
  • DUDE the darn eggs are working toooo good. I have used every single egg cluster and the camp is ready to shoot me... I NEED EGGS FAST... will buy 6 bags of RED and 2 of Hot Pink. SEND ASAP to the Funny Moose Lane Address... Call for a credit card... these things are KILLING reds in record numbers at camp. New rig I invented is dynoooomite. can sell this in town I am sure. Went through all 4 guide packs you sent. It is UNBELIEVABLE. No one in Alaska has seen anything like this. 

        Jim Dicken - Soldotna, AK 
  •  Hi guys just wana tell you that your egg clusters are the best I've ever seen or fished! My wife who had never fished steelhead before went with me the other day and I put on a small egg cluster for her and her fourth pass she hooked and landed a fish I was amazed how well they worked, the next day we did a little test of the xfactor egg vs fresh spawn and your product out fished spawn 5 to 1! and lasted hours longer than a spawn bag! Awesome guys just awesome!!!!!!!!!! 

        Steven A. - Gwinn, MI 
  • Hit the upper river today. started off with shrimp tail and mini grape juice clusters. changed over to "natural" miracle worms and thats all it took. trout wouldn't leave it alone, and steelhead were not passing it up. switched over to the medium egg cluster in florecent pink and first cast a salmon slammed it! i didn't know how long my 8# maxiama w...as going to hold up but i was about to find out. held up just fine, got the fish to the bank and he took one more run, pulling the #4 matzuo sickle. two cast later another bite, and yet another salmon on! this one came un-done in mid air. i figured i had found my new slamon bait, and decided to leave these springers alone and call it a day. thanks so much for awsome stuff jeff!!! you will be getting another order soon!  

        Justin P. - Grants Pass, OR
  • Well I arrived to ElK Creek in Pa at Uncle Johns Campground for some Spring Steelhead fishing... Tried some of my usual single eggs with one hook-up after about 30 mins I decided it was time to try your small egg clusters... I picked the "Shrimp Pink" color for my first choice my first cast with this egg cluster was a very nice fresh ...Steelhead then went on to hit them cast after cast for a bit with this color... I must say I was very impressed and very happy with your product... I am going to introduce this product to one of the Bait Stores in Steelhead Alley and see what happens... Jeff thanks great product cant wait to hit the Creek again real soon. 

        Jim S. - Elk Creek, PA
  • Miracle Worms - We have not found a fish that won't eat this worm. They work great on trout both stocked and wild fish bass love these Worms. We get bass to 5.5lbs on them as for Bluegill we have caught large numbers of Bluegill from 1-2.5lbs at Lake Perris with them. These are Must have Worms. 
        Lonnie Moon - Moreno Valley, CA
  • "Hey Jeff, showed your Bass Slayers to some friends who thought they were bad-ass especially after I trounced them with it at Selmac. I was offered an entire bag of Senkos for 2 of your baits! The thing also makes a wicked topwater bait, BTW."

    Josh - Medford, OR


  •  Hello Jeff - As promised here is a picture to post on your site...the orange (mini egg clusters) were best in the morning...lots of smoltz hitting (6 - 7 inch) and then "WHAM"...Here's a picture of my buddy and his very first Steel, just shy of 12 Lb's....Keep up the good work...

    Bradley L. - Harper Woods, MI


  • I haven't been using the XFactor Egg clusters for too long, but am already impressed with them. My first impression was that they were very realistic looking, and also had a great scent to them. After fishing with them I've been even more impressed. They are very durable, and hold their scent for a long time. They also catch fish. On my first trip trying them for spring salmon they produced my first limit of the year, and also a late winter run steelhead.

    Thanks for making a great product while staying local.

       Steven T. - Medford, OR