Smallmouth Bass on "The Loop" - Umpqua River at it's best!

Posted by Jeff Warner on 8/19/2014 to Bass Fishing
Smallmouth Bass on
We put the boat in at 8am, typical for chasing smallies in the summer time. We were going to be fishing on the famous "Loop" of the Umpqua River, going from private boat ramp to private boat ramp. Todd Harrington, Fishing Guide for the Big K Ranch in Elkton, Oregon was my guide for the day. I had no idea what to expect on this trip, I just knew....

Trout trolling rigs - A simple 'how to' catch more Rainbow Trout!

Posted by Rick Denham on 5/9/2014 to How to articles
Trout trolling rigs - A simple 'how to' catch more Rainbow Trout!

Trolling Trout Rigs

With spring finally here, the local lakes are starting to turn on. Millions of trout have been planted across WA and OR and right now is the time to hit the water! Trolling is an old standby technique that is a great way to fill limits, and XFactor has you covered. There are two baits in the XFactor lineup that trout can’t get enough of, and it’s a no brainer why. When you can match natural forage, fish can’t tell the difference. And what’s more natural than a minnow and a worm? I am referring to the XFactor Teaser Minnows and Miracle worms.

Late Run Spring Steelhead

Posted by Rick Denham on 4/2/2014 to How to articles

Late Run Spring Steelhead

Spring is finally here and that means one of my favorite fisheries is getting underway: b-run of steelhead in Washington. Just about every year, March and April can provide some fantastic fishing opportunities for those willing to put in the time and deal with the conditions. For a few rivers, the b-run of fish are not only bigger but the numbers can be very good as well. Higher water conditions can be a common occurrence this time of the year with lingering winter storms and run off. Many may shy away from these conditions, but I love fishing in them. I found some very good success last year during this time frame changing some of my tactics slightly to accommodate for the water conditions and river locations.
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