Late Run Spring Steelhead

Posted by Rick Denham on 4/2/2014 to How to articles

Late Run Spring Steelhead

Spring is finally here and that means one of my favorite fisheries is getting underway: b-run of steelhead in Washington. Just about every year, March and April can provide some fantastic fishing opportunities for those willing to put in the time and deal with the conditions. For a few rivers, the b-run of fish are not only bigger but the numbers can be very good as well. Higher water conditions can be a common occurrence this time of the year with lingering winter storms and run off. Many may shy away from these conditions, but I love fishing in them. I found some very good success last year during this time frame changing some of my tactics slightly to accommodate for the water conditions and river locations.

Bobber Dogging / Float Drifting for Salmon and Steelhead

Posted by Rick Denham on 4/1/2014 to How to articles

Bobber Dogging with Rick Denham

Drift fishing has been an old time favorite for steelhead fisherman for many years. It is a simple yet effective technique, drawing the attention of many through the years. Float fishing has recently begun to expand in its popularity as well, with its easy to learn nature for beginners and experts alike. However, both of these techniques are best utilized under different situations and water conditions to maximize results. What if I told you there was a way to utilize the best of both worlds; to benefit from both technical aspects and catch more fish. It is not some new fad, gear buying, expensive technique. In fact you can use this technique with the steelhead gear you already own. I am talking about Bobber Dogging or Float drifting as some call it.

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