Clearwater Salmon Egg Clusters
Clearwater Salmon Egg Clusters

Clearwater Salmon Egg Clusters

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Introducing our NEW clearwater lineup!

About the product

Just as the name implies, these baits are designed for clearwater fishing. We've taken some of our most popular colors and toned them down...drastically. These baits are very translucent allowing you to fish crystal clear waters without spooking those already weary fish.

These baits.....

  • Look, feel and smell like natural bait
  • Are super soft. Unlike beads or other hard egg imitations, fish hold onto these eggs, allowing you to get a solid hookset
  • LOADED with our secret blend of scents. Salmon, steelhead and trout think they are real
  • Are durable. Catch multiple fish on a single bait (can't do that with roe!)
  • 12 color choices to fit any situation
  • Proudly designed, tested and manufactured in the USA.

What's in the bag?

This is an Artificial Roe bait that is LOADED with REAL Shrimp & Roe scent and other natural ingredients that we have kept a secret (we can't give away all of our tricks). Not only do we package these baits with scent, they are also infused with scent during the manufacturing process. This double scenting truly sets our baits apart from the competition and gives our customers a serious advantage.

What is a Guide Pack?

A Guide Pack is a bulk pack of egg clusters (5 regular packs in one) at a discounted price. Guide Packs are sold as one color and one size per pack. These bulk packs are very popular for both fishing guides and weekend warriors alike. If you fish a lot and you know what size and color bait you like best, a guide pack may be the best choice for you. To purchase a guide pack, click here:

The XFactor Difference

These baits are hand made in our own facility in the USA. We don't buy from some other source, we make them in house and all raw materials are 100% Made in the USA. Every detail of these baits has been carefully thought out. From size, to color to scent these baits are tailor made for Salmon and Steelhead fisherman. Our scent infusing process truly sets these baits apart from any other artificial bait on the market giving you an effective, easy to use, mess free and readily available alternative to natural roe.

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