Double Soft Bead setup for Steelhead fishing

Posted by Jeff Warner on 1/2/2023 to Steelhead Fishing

Running 2 soft beads at once can really help you dial in what the fish wants in a hurry. 

You can try contrasting colors, sizes, etc. and see which one they bite more.

If you have multiple guys fishing with different setups you can work together to really hone in on the size and color the fish want the most, cutting down on wasted time.

**Be sure to check the regulations for your area as this setup is NOT LEGAL in many places!**

Shown in this video were our Pearl Soft Beads, which are very effective. 

You could use this setup to try a larger Mottled Soft Bead or even and Embryo Soft Bead with a smaller Original Series and see which one is working better on that day.

There's really no limit to the possibilities with this setup.

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