Float Fishing with XFactor Tackle Eggs

Posted by Rick Denham on 4/19/2013 to How to articles

Float Fishing with:

XFactor Tackle Single Eggs & Mini Egg Clusters

As many may know, fishing eggs for steelhead can be deadly. But good eggs can be hard to come by when they are not available. That is where the beauty of the Xfactor eggs comes into play. Not only do they come in any color you can think of and four different sizes, but they are also soft plastic baits that will survive a multitude of casts before needing to be changed. No re-baiting every other cast. This means more time in the water and will lead to more fish.

One of my favorite ways to fish these egg clusters and single eggs is under a float. In the last few weeks we have had some lower water conditions for the late run of steelhead so down sizing our presentation has been key to get bites. The mini egg cluster and single salmon eggs are perfect for these conditions. To rig up this outfit, I like to start with 14lb Fireline crystal with a leader section of 12lb izor line mono. On the mono portion I first slide on a couple bobber stops (I like to use the beau mac ones) then a small bead. Next I slide down a cleardrift float (lower water conditions I go with a 20 gram).

From here I like to have about 2 ½ feet from my bobber stop to a small swivel, then another foot and a half to the egg rig. Your depth will vary based on what kind of water you are fishing, but I like to start at about 3-3 ½ ft from bobber stop to the hook.

Now depending on the water level, and current flow you may need to add or take off a split shot or two. Generally I have found that 2-3 works great. Space them 6 or so inches apart and leave about a foot and a half of leader to the egg so it can look as natural as possible. For spacing as well make sure to slide the egg about and inch to two inches above the hook. This will help limit fish mortality, as the fish will be keying in on the egg and not taking the hook as deep.

The picture above shows the xfactor single salmon egg (8mm) paired up with a #4 gami hook for the situation where single eggs might be what the fish are keying in on. If the fish want something with a little more profile, but still staying small and compact, then the mini egg clusters are the route to go. Below is a very effective rig that combines both the mini egg clusters and single eggs together. It hooked 7 fish this last weekend alone.

When all of the pieces come together fish just can’t say no to Xfactor Tackle Eggs! Here is a 16lb hen that fell to a single egg under a float, just like the rigging above! Got to love it! Fish on!



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