Trout trolling rigs - A simple 'how to' catch more Rainbow Trout!

Posted by Rick Denham on 5/9/2014 to How to articles
Trout trolling rigs - A simple 'how to' catch more Rainbow Trout!

Trolling Trout Rigs

With spring finally here, the local lakes are starting to turn on. Millions of trout have been planted across WA and OR and right now is the time to hit the water! Trolling is an old standby technique that is a great way to fill limits, and XFactor has you covered. There are two baits in the XFactor lineup that trout can’t get enough of, and it’s a no brainer why. When you can match natural forage, fish can’t tell the difference. And what’s more natural than a minnow and a worm? I am referring to the XFactor Teaser Minnows and Miracle worms.

One of the many great things about these baits is the versatility of rigging options. If you can think it, these baits will do it. Personally for me I have found the best trolling success coming on a double hook rig. Think a herring mooching rig for salmon, but just downsized. The back second hook acts as a stinger for short strikes.


Once the baits are threaded onto the hooks, there is one more thing that I like to add to sweeten the deal. Fished just by themselves as a minnow or worm, you will catch some fish but by adding a smile blade or wigglefin action disc your catch rate will dramatically increase. The smile blade is a .08 size and helps add a little flash to draw in more attention from the trout. The wigglefin disc is something that I have been using in the last year and let me tell you it flat out works. The disc gives a crankbait like action to any bait and given the XFactor baits unique design they come alive in the water on this rig. My last outing resulted in close to 40 hookups on the wiggle worm rig alone. Both of these rigs can be fished by themselves or with an attractor in front. At the end of the day, the fish will tell you what they want.

So on your next trout trip pick up a few of these baits and get out and enjoy this great spring fishery!!

God Bless and Fish on!!

Pro-Staff Rick Denham

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