How to: King Salmon egg cluster rig

Posted by Jeff Warner on 9/12/2016 to How to articles
How to: King Salmon egg cluster rig

The saying; "Good roe isn't cheap, cheap roe isn't good." has always been true. The problem however: even good roe doesn't stay on the hook for very long. 

Anglers all over the world have been very pleased with the results of fishing with our scented salmon egg clusters. Every season we see more and more fish caught (and more anglers giving our baits a try). 

The one complaint we've heard though is from west coast anglers going after big fall kings; They want a BIGGER bait. Well, here is a simple, effective method to get a BIG bait in just a few simple steps. This rig is great for back bouncing and even bobber doggin for big fall kings. I've fished it in heavy current over and over and even got snagged up several times and the rig help up great.

So if your looking for a BIG egg presentation this fall, give this a shot, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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