Egg Cluster Assortment (Top 3 Colors)
Egg Cluster Assortment (Top 3 Colors)

Egg Cluster Assortment (Top 3 Colors)

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These Egg Cluster Assortment boxes come with our top 3 colors for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout.

These are both combo boxes, one box comes with both Medium & Mini, the other box comes with both Large & Medium.

As mentioned, these are the top 3 colors meaning that we not only sell more of these colors than any other but also that these these colors perform well in a variety of circumstances, giving you a great opportunity to catch lots of fish.

Having 2 different sizes will help you to adapt to both the fish (dropping down in size when they bite is off) and the river (going up in size in higher water or down in size in lower water).

Best of all, these baits are contained in the same box so you won't need to be shuffling through your gear to find a different color, just open the box, rig up and make your next cast.

Retail Value = $36.74
Sale Price = $25.00

PS: That's over 30% off list price!


Q: Are they scented?

A: We don't scent the baits in the box because if we did they would end up being a big gobbly mess by the time they got there and the result would be a bunch of angry customers. 

To solve this problem we've added a Scented option and when you select that option we just send you a bottle of our Shrimp Scent (the most potent)

This solution is more than adequate or we would have found another way....I would actually argue that this way is more effective because you won't be relying on the scent from the package, instead you'll need to add scent as you go which will keep your bait fresh at all times. 

As always, if you have questions, feel free to reach out to us, we're always ready to help.

Want to make changes to the colors? 

No problem, just tell us what to change when you checkout (in the comments section)

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