Highly underrated Winter Steelhead bait!

Posted by Jeff Warner on 1/21/2023 to Steelhead Fishing

Yes, Steelhead LOVE these worms too!

These days the rivers can get quite crowded. The extra lines in the water, boats, people, etc. can add quite a bit of noise which in turn, can turn off the bite.

That's definitely not the case every time out, to be sure, but it happens often, especially in the more highly populated areas.

All this just means that you need to be thinking differently.

Keep in mind that just because you downsize your bait doesn't mean you have to tone down the color too. If it were low and clear we might want to swap out Hot Pink for Natural, Peach or even Shrimp Pink but in this case (as mentioned in the video), we're just using a smaller bait to try to trigger a bite from spooked fish....

Hot Pink is still my favorite color for Winter Steelhead, especially for these 3" Miracle Worms....they're DEADLY!

I do use other colors like Bubblegum, Shrimp Pink and even Peach in clear water, but I ALWAYS start with Hot Pink.

I hope this was helpful for you. Please be sure to drop a comment below if you have any questions.

You can find these worms here:

Or in BULK here:

God Bless,

Jeff Warner
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Gordie Foster
Date: 1/21/2023
Hi, I'd say you're right. I'm going to try them next year. I wonder if just a bit smaller of a worm. Hmmmm. Lol Gordie Thanks Gordie, let us know if you have any questions! -Jeff

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