3" Miracle Worm / Egg Cluster rig

Posted by Jeff Warner on 1/4/2023 to Steelhead Fishing

The beautiful thing about this rig is that it allows you to fish two completely different styles of bait at the same time.

Our 3" Miracle Worm is an action bait while the Mini Egg Cluster is a natural bait. These are two opposite styles that are typically fished alone. 

When fished in tandem, it's possible to cause the hot fish in the hole to absolutely HAMMER either one of these rigs, there's really no telling which one they're going to want more. 

When it comes to Steelhead fishing or Trout fishing, it's important to be able to dial in what those pesky fish want and to do so in a hurry. That's what this rig was designed to do.....cut to chase FAST!

If you see that Steelhead keep biting the worm, you can just tie on a leader with one hook, to keep it simple, and fish what they've shown they want more.

If they keep biting the Egg Cluster, swap out the double hook rig for a single hook and run that Egg Cluster until they won't bite it anymore.

**As always, be sure to check the regulations for your area as this setup is NOT legal everywhere**

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Wilson Flanders
Date: 1/5/2023
Greatly appreciate you sharing these tips.will give them a try
Date: 1/21/2023 4:03:17 PM
My pleasure Wilson! Hope they help you catch lots of fish! Thank you for your support, we appreciate it!

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