Versatile colors for salmon, steelhead and trout fishing

Posted by Jeff Warner on 8/6/2022 to Salmon Fishing
Water flow and water clarity change often and sometimes, especially with rain, they change quickly. 

Finding colors that produce in a variety of situations can be very difficult. 

While fishing for salmon, steelhead or trout, it's pretty common to use bright colors in low visibility and dark colors in clear water. 

This is a good basic guideline but it's not perfect....

In this video I talk about a color that has to be one of the most versatile colors out there (peach is a close second)....

If you fish for Salmon, Steelhead or Trout, you're going to want to watch this video as I describe two days on the river that were so opposite of one another and YET!, the same bait and same color produced quality fish on both days.

This was while I was fishing for trophy trout on the White River in Arkansas earlier this week but this applies anywhere.

As you prepare your gear for fall fishing (as well as what you need the rest of the summer), think about the waters you fish and consider what you wish you would have had last year.

Next, consider what advantages you might have by simply adding one color to your gear that might not have previously considered.....

On to the video:

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